About us

Midgefest is a sustainable party community dedicated to sustainable education and our right to cooperate. Our mission is to allow artists and fans from all walks of life, to come together in a non-profit environment that not only teaches the public about sustainability and important issues but also act as a driving force in the community for social progression.

Community is a term I use a lot in writing about Midgefest and it’s important to understand its connotations. Community is not just a group of people, it is a family of people working together each with important roles to play. Community is not related to communism, many people see it as a communist ideal or they are quick to label us as communists. It is an offense to be labelled as a failed political ideal. I’m sure Marx and Engels had good intentions but what was birthed from their work was horrendous. Nowadays a group of people working together in a community have many varied roles and through the diverse nature of them they deliver productivity, security, and social progression more than any profit driven approach. Our community is also a temporary community as in we do not live together constantly, we are connected through social media and our own businesses, organisations, relationships. We get the chance once a year to meet in an autonomous way at the our free party Midgefest. Aside from this other events throughout the year are gathering places.

We have seen the systems and products of our parents fail to deliver the need for abundance that their system created. We have seen corporate giants move into our communities and decimate local business. Everywhere we look human welfare and social gatherings are put at risk in the pursuit of money. The money driven system does not care for the health of a community or it’s individuals, they’re only goal is profit. It’s time to change that, a system that uses money can still be profitable and benefit the health and finances of a community as well as it’s individuals. The business ideas developed by our generation should hold the environmental and human welfare aspects of the business in higher regard than the potential profits and heartless cash gain of the business. Instead a business should mark its success with benefits to it’s workforce or how many lives it actually supports without the use of 0 hour contracts or it’s clearly feudal class system. Midgefest lets people gather and work together without the pressure of money but with the goal of helping each other, enjoying the joy that a communities individuals can bring to one another.

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One thought on “About us

  1. hey all … please keep me posted. Ive been a dj for bloody years but more importantly love free parties and have been wanting to come to this party for like 8 years now!

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