Carl Brown/ C Mantle/ Dave Shades @ Audacious


This wonderfully free event was held on 15/11/2014 and has floored my doubtful thinking. Following a previous success at the last Audacious where we were astounded by Hitori Tori’s live MPC mashup! this next event was free entry. This is a perfect model for breakcore nights, pay minimal money for the some amazing acts and then get the next equally awesome acts free. Many thanks has to go to the promoter of Audacious who is behind this sustainable event model, Sir Adam Beattie.

I also had the pleasure of DJing and grooving myself at this event but was by far the lowest of the acts. Dave Shades came in strong and relentlessly pounded the crowd with flawless mixes of kick ridden loveliness. What a sound guy as well he just seems so nice for someone who just pounds your face. Next up was C mantle a long standing talent in Edinburgh producing some of the best breakcore/electronica to ever come out of this little city. He works tirelessly on his art and puts in large amounts of work, this makes his releases come out after years of work but fucking hell! it’s well worth the wait. In fact I would go so far as to say that it needs the length of time to be that good. Thoroughly enjoyed his brutal set and was glad to see him enjoying laying down his latest releases on his own label Acre. And for the grand finale Carl Brown!! I couldn’t wait! he recently made a Beyonce remix which I chatted about in a previous post so you better believe my face was hyped! I feel he’s on the same lines as me when it comes to cheesy pop lyrics. The collection of music from this badman is overwhelming though I don’t think i’ll be on his level any time soon. needless to say his set was breakcore gorgeousity spanning many styles and genres with a distinct feeling to it. I kept dancing then falling into the arms of a good friend then smashing my mate next to me all the while I seemed to ebb and flow the same as the music that this lovely man was laying on me.

Check out the Audacious page for some videos and set’s from the night each performance is bangin and even my performance surprised me.