Maruosa Gig – Savage Grindcore


Recently I had the delight of seeing Maruosa play for the second time. This time in London and the first in Edinburgh in 2011. The venue for London was a medium sized pub by Edinburgh standards and a rather small one by London standards. However this gig in London was rammied compared to Maruosa‘s last UK tour. It just shows that grindcore is fast becoming an accepted performance with kicks and thrills you can get at any large underground event. Don’t get me wrong , I enjoyed thrashing my head around in 2011, it was so close and personal and I got to chat to Maruosa himself about his music in a leisurely setting. Great experience for me but it seems since then he’s come a long way and is getting the appreciation he deserved in 2011.

Maruosa was supported by ladyscraper’s side project, Shitwife. This collaboration between DJ Ladyscraper and Drummer Henri Grimes really impressed me with their performance skills and the energy and motivation they both put into it. The music produced was pounding and watching them jam together analogue and digital fusing to create a dance able Grindcore. Okay you were only able to thrash and headbang, but it was amazing to watch them build this sound right there in front of you. It made me think that I was them and I could create these tunes too which I conclude is the same way people feel when they watch a less underground band.

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